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The Love Supply Comedy Show

Turning the anger and fear into love... and laughter! 
This show is not about ignoring the reality of evil, it's about remembering that there is also good, it's about the human connection and positivity. The only purpose of this night is to make you feel joy and to make you laugh, if only for a moment. I've rounded up some of the most seriously brilliant comedians in this city to do just that. This is for you, dear friends and family of Montreal, spread the word! xoxo PS you can BYOB

This event is taking place at Psychic City, a beautiful, warm, inviting, safe space. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible, it is in a basement and there are some stairs, but if there's anything we can do to help, if you'd like to attend the show, please message us. The address of the venue is available by messaging me.

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